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Who is Mark Linton and Why Does M-Linton TechService Exist?

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Mark is a business technology specialist who began working professionally in 2009. After serving honorably in the United States Navy from 2005-2009, Mark attended The Ohio State University and Empire State College, ultimately earning his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Economics with a focus in Information Systems. He was awarded his Master of Science degree in Information Strategy, Systems and Technology by Muskingum University, and he has earned several technology certifications over the past 10 years.

M-Linton TechService was born out of a personal need to practice what Mark was learning while in his master’s program. At the time, Mark was working as a technical engineer for a larger community bank. While the job was rewarding, the environment was completely focused on technology. Mark’s closest customers were other colleagues within the IT department. His desire to test his training and learn how to blend the roles of business and technology together led him to start M-Linton TechService as a training ground.

At that time, Mark, and his wife Jenna, had two children, a full-time job and school that needed attention. Starting a company was not something that they had planned. However, they were going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and the idea of having additional income to accelerate their debt reduction was appealing.

Mark started M-Linton TechService with zero money. Dedicated to keeping the small business from slowing down their financial goals, the business was required to keep itself running. Taking on small residential jobs helped the company gain financial traction while giving Mark a better understanding of the general user base within his community. Looking back, Mark sees this as a critical time of learning.

It was during this early phase that “Mark the IT Guy” started to become “Mark the Business Owner.” Mark soon realized that technology was the means of service. He was really serving people. In that regard he says, “It does not matter how large or small the firm is or that it’s a firm at all – we are serving people.”

The company continued to grow, serving small businesses and eventually Mark left the bank. For 18 months, he worked for a local nonprofit, helping to streamline their IT systems, and secure data within a HIPAA compliant environment, while he continued developing his own company. By now, Mark and his wife had 4 children and a small family farm. After just four years, the company was able to provide for their family and gain Mark’s full-time attention. Mark became the first full-time employee of M-Linton TechService, July 1, 2018…a major milestone in the company’s development.

Seeing the continual need for improvement, M-Linton TechService is going through another transformation. Desiring to provide not just good service, but exceptional service, Mark assessed the current Managed IT Services landscape, the current needs of his community in Central Ohio, and his own training and experience. Mark’s time in the banking industry taught him how to deploy and manage systems in highly regulated environments, such as those regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Having experience, training and a personal interest in finance made his choice easy and straight forward. As a result, M-Linton TechService is now solely focused on serving Registered Investment Advisors.

The office of M-Linton TechService is located on their small family farm, The Linnville Homestead, which they are working to transform into a functional, wholistic farm for others to visit and enjoy.

Mark Linton

Mark Linton



Our Private Office is Located on
The Linnville Homestead:

M-Linton TechService LLC
4293 Linnville Rd
Newark, Ohio 43056

Phone: 740-334-4293
E-Mail: vcio@riatechpartner.com

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