Attention: Registered Investment Advisors in Central Ohio!

Do you worry about keeping your IT systems secure and compliant with SEC guidelines?

M-Linton TechService is the only Managed IT Service Provider in Central Ohio that specializes in working with Registered Investment Advisors. We understand your needs as a Financial Advisor and an Entrepreneur.  

We Can Solve Your RIA Firm’s IT Problems… Call Us Today: 740-334-4493


Like it or not, the SEC has a lot to say about the way financial firms use technology. We translate and apply the SEC’s rules/regulations, so you are prepared for any audit. But more than just compliance, we protect your client data with the rigor it deserves!


Complete Management of your IT environment means that you can focus on your clients and your team. We manage the day-to-day operations and provide solutions to keep pace with regulations and changing business needs.

Network Security

We use a diversified stack of  hardware and software to monitor and protect your network. We cannot stop cyber attacks from happening, but we can be well prepared!

Technology Guidance

Making business decisions is already difficult and technology often complicates the process. We are here to help you make the best long-term decisions for you and your business.


Our Private Office is Located on
The Linnville Homestead:

M-Linton TechService LLC
4293 Linnville Rd
Newark, Ohio 43056

Phone: 740-334-4493

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