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Do you ever get annoyed by all those useless blocky icons that take up half the screen every time you open your Windows 10 Start Menu? Those “tiles,” as they call them, can actually be really useful once you know how to control them. And, as you’ve already guessed, that’s the tip for today. It’s quite easy to make use of the Windows 10 Tile Menu.

Windows 10 Start Menu with Tiles

First Things First: Let’s Clean up That Tile Menu

Before we can get the most use from this space on the Tile Menu, we need to get rid of everything we don’t need. Which will be almost everything currently on there.

Click on the Windows Start Menu button to open it up. Then start right-clicking on each tile and clicking “unpin from Start Menu.” Go ahead and wipe them all out. Doesn’t it feel good to eliminate the clutter?

Right-Click a tile for more options

If you went all the way and cleared all the tiles, you can click out in the desktop to drop the menu. As a result, when you open it back up, it should look like this:

Start menu without tiles

If you like it this way, with no tiles, great! But if there are programs you open often, or widgets you’d like to see at a glance like the weather, you can pin those tiles here and skip searching for them in the list area of the Start Menu.

Second: Build Your Tile Menu Your Way!

Simply find the program in the Start Menu list, right click on it, and click on “pin to Start.” If there’s something you want to pin a tile for but it doesn’t show up in the Start Menu list, click on the AI assistant, Cortana, and use the search box to find it. You can pin any app to the Tile Menu.

Right-Click a program for additional options, including pin to start

Remember to only pin tiles for apps you use often, because you want this to be a super-fast access option. If you have to scan through a map full of tiles to find the app you want, it starts defeating the purpose. Less is more. This (below) is too many for me.

Packed start menu

Tiles come in a few different sizes. To change the size of a tile, all you have to do is right-click on it, scroll up the menu to resize, and choose from the available options.

Change Windows 10 Start Menu Tile Size

Some tiles are “live tiles,” meaning they show real-time data directly from the app. The size of the tile affects the amount of data displayed. Again, you can change the size of the tile to display however much data you want to see at-a-glance. Below are three sizes of the weather app displaying different amounts of data.

Windows 10 Weather Tile with Various Sizes

When it comes to tailoring your Windows 10 Tile Menu, there really isn’t much to it. You can have a few tiles, lots of tiles, or no tiles. The important thing is that you have more control over your machine. And that’s what we are all about.

Go enjoy your TechKnowledgey!