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Specialized IT Services for Independent Financial Advisors

You have worked hard to become a Financial Advisor and you have invested heavily to have your own firm as a Registered Investment Advisor. Now, cybercriminals want to take advantage of your hard work. The SEC demands that you remain compliant and you are expected to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.

What are your options?

  1. Become a technology expert. While this may work for some, you will find yourself in the minority if you are planning to double major as a Financial Advisor and IT Specialist.
  2. Hire a full- or part-time IT team member. This is not a bad option, except for the cost. As a smaller firm, hiring someone specifically for IT and having enough work to keep them busy will be a challenge.
  3. Outsource your technology needs. M-Linton TechService LLC is focused on providing IT Support and Cyber Security services to firms just like yours! We understand your needs as an advisor with a small firm. With our processes and procedures in place, we can support you at a lower cost than hiring in-house IT staff with no HR headache.

Comply with Regulations and Industry Standards

Your business goals are set and you and your team are working hard to serve clients. Then, regulatory concerns, compliance, and best practices start to take you off course.

Your technology is a key part of your business and no exception to the twist and turns. We deploy, manage and support technology that is right for you as a Registered Investment Advisor. We will help you translate technical terms, SEC requirements and NIST guidelines to create systems that are secure and reliable.

Your Own vCIO

Technology change is fast and frequent. As a small firm, it can be difficult to keep up with these changes. We act as your (virtual)Chief Information Officer to keep you up-to-date and informed regarding these changes.

There is no need to “go it alone” when it comes to choosing technical solutions for business problems.  We maintain close relationships with our clients. Our focus is on your industry and we leverage our experience in finance and technology to bring you services that are tailored to your needs.


Excellent (Human) Support

At the end of the day, technology is just a tool — nothing more. We are here to support you and your team…the people that make your business awesome! When someone on your team is having a printer issue or suddenly can’t get online, the printer or firewall may be the issue, but it’s your team member who needs the support.

We understand this relationship and work hard to keep everything up and running. When things do break, we serve the people on your team and always treat your team with respect!


We understand your uniqe needs as an independant advisor. You are under the same regulatory requirements as the larger firms with fewer resources to meet them. M-Linton TechService is here to help you bridge the gap. We understand technology and the need to manage it properly, but our focus is on your business. Without your business goals, technology is just a meaningless tool. We work with you to bring the two together.

We Respect the Role of the SEC

If only we could live in a world without the need of being regulated. There are times when we may think that regulations are silly or that compliance requirements are going to kill our business. But when we stop and really think about the requirements, we usually remember a scam or extortion scheme that required the regulation to be written.

Between those that are willing to exploit the system for their own gain and the natural implications of working within a very complex society, it’s no wonder that as a country we determined the need for a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

We understand, and completely respect the need for financial oversight. Rather than bickering, complaining and acting like a new regulation is going to wreck our business — we roll with it. We may not be happy about something, we might not always understand the rationale right away, but the SEC has a lot of say in the way we operate and fighting it is not fruitful.

Our goal is to help you protect your client data and business information while remaining compliant. We setup systems that are designed to work well within the financial services industry and we configure them to support the needs of your business. We also help with policies and procedures, ensuring that the deployed systems are documented and used appropriately.

The need to protect digital assets and meet regulatory requirements will not be going away any time soon. We are here to help you thrive through it.


Our Private Office is Located on
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