Use Your Bookmarks Bar On Google Chrome

May 1, 2018

Is clutter a problem? If you are someone who gives a non-yes answer, that’s okay. You probably like everything to have a “lived in” appeal, and this may not be for you. But if you prefer to know where everything is and want lightning quick access to websites you use often, then we’re going to optimize the use of your Google Chrome Bookmarks bar.

Sign in to Chrome

Most browsers have a bookmarks bar option, and for today, we’ll be working with Google’s Chrome desktop browser. These tips, tricks and options should translate across most browsers. First, you want to sign in to Google Chrome (see below). As a result, all of your settings, including your bookmarks, will follow you on any device you sign in on.
Google Chrome Sign In Menu with cursor hovering over Sign In icon.
Security Tip: Make sure you sign out of Chrome when you are done, especially if you are signed in on a public network, or on seomone else’s device! 
If you want to hide the bookmarks bar or bring it out of hiding, simply use the shortcut by holding down CTRL+SHIFT+B. It will appear in the area just beneath the address bar.
To bookmark a web page, navigate to that page so it shows in the Chrome browser window. Then click on the star icon in the far right of the address bar.
Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar with cursor hovering over "Bookmark this page" star icon
Inside the bookmark menu, you will almost always want to clean up the title. Make it as short as possible, but long enough to know what it’s for. Then click Done.

BEFORE                                                                                                                                          AFTER

Before and After shots of Bookmark added menu showing default title and modified title

Organize Your Bookmarks Bar

Eventually, you will have bookmarked a lot of sites, and your bookmarks bar will fill up. Click-and-drag your most used bookmarks to the left, so they will be most accessable. Therefore, you can put them in your preferred order.
If you have multiple bookmarks that all fit a similar category, you can group them together in a folder. RIGHT-click in the empty part of the bookmark bar and select “add folder” from the menu.
Right-click bookmarks menu with cursor hovering over Add folder option.

Be sure to name the folder something that covers everything you plan to put in it so you don’t lose track of any favorites (e.g. “Social”, “Tech Tips”).

Use Your Bookmarks Bar

There are different options for opening your bookmarks, also. LEFT-click on a bookmark to open it in the current tab you’re in. Also, you can RIGHT-click on the bookmark and select “open in new tab,” or “open in new window.” These last two are handy if you want several sites open simultaneously.

Go enjoy your TechKnowledgey!