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Worry-Free IT Service Plans for Financial Advisors

We offer different levels of service and will assist you in selecting the best plan for your firm. Specializing in Technology Services for Registered Investment Advisors, we understand that some things are a must have. So, the following are included with every plan.

Live Help Desk

You need support when there is a problem! Our help desk is available for all service levels: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM.

Quarterly Business Review

Technology requires ongoing care, just like the rest of your business. We will meet regularly to ensure that your technology keeps up with your growing firm.

System Monitoring

Basic Management and Monitoring of all Workstations, Servers and Network Devices. We will be proactive and prevent problems from turning into disasters.

Relationship Focused

You are in a business of trust and so are we. We serve you and your team — the people that keep your firm running and clients happy.

All Service Plans include our Worry-Free IT Guarantee! If you are not happy with the service, support, and customer service you receive, you may cancel within the first 30 days and end your contract with no penalty. To go a step further – we will refund 100% of your service fees. Our goal is to protect and serve your firm, not trap you in a contract.

Trust but Verify.

Digital Security Requires Proof!


Proof-Based Cyber Security. We don’t play games when it comes to cyber security. The threat against your firm is real and the information you hold and use for business has real value to a cybercriminal.

Do we deploy Firewalls? Yes. Do we deploy Managed Anti-Virus? Yes. Then, we monitor the network…24×7. Why? Because it’s the right way to safeguard customer information. Deploying security systems without a means of proving their effectiveness is like a client trusting you with their investments and never asking for an account statement or performance report.

Beyond that, SEC Regulation S-ID (17 CFR §248.201-202), requires you to monitor your network. We can help you meet this requirement.

Worry-Free IT Plans

We have an appropriate service offering for every firm.

*** Some tiers have network/environment requirements. After our initial assessment, you will know which tier your firm is able with support without additional system changes or upgrades***


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