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As a Financial Advisor and Entrepreneur, you have a unique role. On one hand you are obligated to act in a way that will benefit your clients’ needs before your own. As an Entrepreneur, you need to keep your business running and remain financially sound.

We want to be held to the same standard that you are. As your technology partner, we are committed to putting your needs before our own. It does not matter how many times we have been asked the same question, or how difficult the last phone call/problem was – we are committed to serving you regardless of how we feel or how tired we are. Of course, this would be fluffy, meaningless marketing material unless we had a way of backing it up. This is what our clients say about us…

Responsive, Vigilant and Worry Free!

With MLTS managing our IT, we know our systems and technology will be online and ready to use. When we do have a question or a need, they are right there with a solution. We don’t have to wonder if or when they’ll respond. MLTS doesn’t just satisfy the regulations of our industry, they satisfy our needs. They protect our network with the same vigilance as if it was their own. We trust MLTS…and trust is everything in our world.

Christopher K. Johnson

CEO / Managing Partner, Collaborative Financial Partners

Highly-Responsive, Dedicated to Our Success!

Within a few minutes of talking to Mark, you discover his passion and knowledge for the world of technology, along with his overwhelming desire to help others succeed. Technology is a necessity to run an efficient business, but with so many external threats, it is a relief to know I have a trusted security program guarding my digital workflow. MLTS has been highly responsive to any technology-related situation I’ve encountered. I don’t have to worry about being out of service for an entire work day, allowing me to serve my clients with minor disruption.

Greg A. Large

Owner, Retirement Blueprints LLC

Honest, High-Quality Work!

Mark is honest and willing to fully answer any questions that arise. It is easy to see by his preparation, quality of work, and follow-up that he wants only the best for me and my business. We have peace of mind that the computer piece of our business is handled and any issue that could come up can be resolved quickly. MLTS has provided the IT we need to support our growing business and promote a good work/life balance.

Cynthia & Foster Anderson

Owners, Bailey Veterinary Clinic

Trustworthy and Dependable!

I know I can trust Mark and depend upon MLTS to give us the help and direction we need, so our technology is working for the benefit of our clients and partners. Their solutions have helped us as we’ve added sites and extended services, provided true cost-savings through system integration, and anticipated the rigorous data security needed to protect our clients and partners. Mark is personable and easy to work with. He makes very technical concepts clear, so we can make well-informed decisions. We consider him a valued member of our team!

Liz McCullough

Executive Director, Heartbeats


Our Private Office is Located on
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4293 Linnville Rd
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Phone: 740-334-4293
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