Have you lost important work and hours of time because your computer suddenly decided to apply updates and force a reboot? Does it make you want to say, “Okay. I’m done,” and walk away? Applying updates is a necessary evil that keeps your machine up-to-date on security and functionality. But it’s still a pain, isn’t it? Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are a couple ways to keep this from wrecking your work without much trouble at all.

1st Option: Active Hours

The first option is to set up “Active hours,” which provides a window of time (up to 12 hours) when the system cannot apply updates or reboot on its own. This is specifically for Windows10.
Click on the Start button, then click on the Settings gear icon.
Start menu for Windows10 with cyrsor hovering over settings gear icon.
In the Settings window, find and select Update & security.
Windows10 Settings menu with cursor hovering over Update & Security button.
Under the Update Settings menu, find and select “Change active hours.”
Windows10 Update settings menu with cursor hovering over Change active hours button
This is where you will set the start and end of the time-frame, thus creating a safe period where the system cannot automatically run updates. Don’t forget to click Save!
Active hours window where start and end times are set. Windows will not reboot during this time-frame.
Remember: with this option, once the Active Hours time-frame ends, the system is free to reboot at any time, so you want to make sure you are wrapped up and all your work is saved before this deadline. Or you could go back in and reset the time-frame before the deadline.

2nd Option: Force Updates & Reboot

If you’re on your machine more than once during a work day that spans more than 12 hours, or your work time differs from day to day and you don’t want to keep changing the time-frame for Active Hours, here’s the other option:
In the Update and Settings window, select “Check for updates” and force it to update and reboot.
Window10 Update status menu showing Check for updates button. This will force a reboot if any updates are available.
This way, the system will update when YOU tell it to, not arbitrarily on its own. And it’s always better when you are in control.

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