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Sometimes we put things where we don’t really want them. No big deal, right? We can always move them around, especially in the digital world. Here’s a handy set of shortcuts that let you Cut, Copy, and Paste whatever you need to adjust a whole lot faster.

Copy That, Victor Five Niner.

The Copy shortcut is one of the easiest ones to remember. All you need to do is select the text or image you want to make a copy of, and press CTRL+C. This adds a copy of the selected data to your clipboard.

CTRL + C to Copy

Paste, Not Just For Preschoolers

The shortcut for Paste is CTRL+V, which seems like a strange choice of letter for “paste,” but this time, it’s more about placement on the keyboard. “V” is right next to “C,” which makes Copy and Paste neighbors. If you try to use CTRL+P, you will get the print window, which is also useful, when you need it.

CTRL + V to Paste

Sometimes you don’t want more of something, you just want to put it somewhere else. Or maybe there’s something you don’t want at all. Either way, the Cut shortcut works. CTRL+X will eliminate the selected text or image. This rounds out the Cut, Copy, and Paste shortcut community. There are plenty of other shortcut keys all over the keyboard, and we’ll get to the others in future posts.

CTRL + X to Cut

But Wait, There’s More: Cut, Copy, and Paste Work Together

If you want to move text or an image, select it, Copy it (CTRL+C), then cut the original (CTRL+X); go to where you want it moved to and Paste it (CTRL+V). BONUS: if you make a mistake and cut something before you copied it, there is another shortcut key right next door that might be able to help. CTRL+Z is the Undo shortcut. Cut, Copy, and Paste away!

Go enjoy your TechKnowledgey!